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Kitchen Worktops from Kitchen Genie

At Kitchen Genie, we can offer just a worktop change on its own, with either laminate worktops (in a huge choice of colours, some of which are shown below!), or our very own Quartzize overlays.

Whilst a little more expensive, we are able to overlay your existing worktops with beautiful Quartz Stone. This is a very simple way to give your worktops a luxury look and feel, without removing the existing surfaces, and all the associated mess.

We manufacture the quartzize overlays to your requirements, these are always completed in less than a day, with little inconvenience.

We also offer a large range of sink and tap sets, any new appliances you require.

Why not ask for one of our Home Consultants to call and arrange a FREE, no obligation quote. Call us today.

  • Quartzize Worktops

    Colour: Algi Fino
    • Algi Fino
    • Bianco Argento
    • Bianco Fino
    • Bianco Riso
    • Cielo Argento
    • Crema Argento
    • Crema Fino
    • Crema Riso
    • Fango Fino
    • Grigio Argento
    • Grigio Fino
    • Milito Fino
    • Nero Argento
    • Nuvolo Riso
    • Puro Fino
    • Rosso Argento
    • Sabbia Riso
    • Sasso Riso
    • Venato Fino
  • Laminate Worktops

    Colour: Amazonia (Wood)
    • Amazonia (Wood)
    • Andomeda Black (Quartz)
    • Andomeda White (Quartz)
    • Anthracite Artstone (Radiance)
    • Belmont Granite (Radiance)
    • Black Pebble (Riverwash)
    • Black Slate (Gloss)
    • Black Slate (Stain)
    • Black Spark (Quartz)
    • Black Stone (Nature)
    • Blocked Oak (Matt)
    • Carrera Marble (Nature)
    • Celtic Granite (Glaze)
    • Cloud Slate (Mika)
    • Colmar Oak (Grain)
    • Cypress Cinnamon (Wood)
    • Devon Sand (Matt)
    • Dolce Vita (Nature)
    • Elegant Oak (Matt)
    • Ellmau Beech (Grain)
    • Granite (Satin)
    • Grey Slate (Mika)
    • Italian Granite (Glaze)
    • Lava Sand (Matt)
    • Lunar Night (Glaze)
    • Madura Blonde (Nature)
    • Mineral Chocolate (Radiance)
    • Mineral Créme (Radiance)
    • Mineral Earthenware (Radiance)
    • Oratorio (Gloss)
    • Piazza Stone (Glaze)
    • Roman Marble (Nature)
    • Ruby Crystal (Quartz)
    • Sand Spark (Quartz)
    • Snow Spark (Quartz)
    • Stone Spark (Quartz)
    • Taurus Beige (Matt)
    • Taurus Black (Satin)
    • Walnut Butcher Block (Matt)
    • White Sirius (Sirius)