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Full Members of The Furniture Ombudsman:

Full Members of the Furniture Ombudsman

Kitchen Genie are now full members of The Furniture Ombudsman, along with other respected Companies such as: John Lewis of Hungerford Plc. Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser, Laura Ashley and Plumbs Furnishings. We abide by the Full Member principles and high standards expected between Full Members and Consumers.

Full Member Code of Practice

This Code of Practice forms part of the Rules of Full Membership and provides a set of principles which set out to promote high standards and good relations between Full Members, consumers and us.

As part of their membership declaration, Full Members abide by our Code of Practice, thereby supporting our overall aims and objectives.

Full Members will

  1. Provide consumers with goods that are as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose having due regard to any relevant legislation;
  2. Supply any services with reasonable care and skill having due regard to any relevant legislation;
  3. Provide clear and accurate product information prior to a transaction which will assist consumers in making well informed decisions;
  4. Provide consumers with information regarding the likely performance of a product and any maintenance regimes that may be required;
  5. Provide consumers with clear, transparent and accurate information regarding product prices, guarantees, delivery costs and any cancellation rights having due regard to any relevant legislation and guidance;
  6. Deliver products as agreed, on time and in good condition and advise the consumer of any issues that may compromise delivery as soon as is practicable;
  7. Promote good customer service and professionalism amongst staff and encourage them to meet all service requests with courtesy and efficiency;
  8. Avoid any commercial practice that could be adverse to the consumer and the principles of fair trade in general;
  9. Listen to all complaints in a fair and reasoned manner and adopt an effective procedure when trying to resolve them. In the event of an unresolved dispute, accept the ruling of the Ombudsman’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Service;
  10. Listen to feedback from customers and the Ombudsman and where appropriate use it as a tool to improve service and raise standards.